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Dafo was founded in 1919 by Nils Forssberg and John Danielson, under the name Danielson Forssberg & Co. In the mid-70s the name was changed to DAFO Brand, where DAFO is an abbreviation for DAnielson and FOrssberg. Dafo was one of the first companies in the world to start developing integrated firefighting solutions for vehicles back in 1976. 

Dafo Deutschland - Forrex ist das Löschsystem für Motorbrände in Fahrzeugen und mobilen Maschinen

Dafo Deutschland

In 2009, Dafo Brand decided to set up a representative for Dafo fire suppression systems in Germany. Due to the constantly increasing number of vehicles with fire suppression systems, as well as the growing demand from customers, it became necessary to be able to carry out sales and service tasks for customers faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

Dafo Deutschland - Forrex ist das Löschsystem für Motorbrände in Fahrzeugen und mobilen Maschinen


Dafo Deutschland meets all required applicable norms and standards. Certifications are a central part of our business activities as they ensure reliable system design and the conformity of our products. Here are some examples of our certifications:

Certified according to SP standard SPCR 183.

The entire system design is carried out in strict compliance with the SBF 128 regulation.


In-house development

We develop and create industrial-grade, tailor-made solutions specifically for your needs. Your advantage is a “one stop-shop” solution without the need for complex coordination with other companies.

The fire suppression systems are tested in realistic settings, verified and documented. Dafo Deutschland is developing their own pipe systems, supply lines and system components. This enables the optimal solutions to meet your individual needs. For our customers this means savings in material, time and resources.



Customer recommendations is our main promotion. Our marketing is the satisfaction of our customers. We definitely won't disappoint you. Challenge us in an initial conversation.

Our experienced technicians will determine the right solution for your individual situation to identify potential fire hazards. If applicable, a pilot installation of the fire suppression system can be installed in order to make an assessment while minimizing cost and effort. In this way we create the optimal fire protection solution for your vehicle. Our team at Dafo Deutschland will support you from the initial step of determining your needs, up to adapting the right modules and manufacture the appropriate suppression system and installing it in your vehicles. At your request, the experts from Dafo Deutschland will provide in-company training courses to prevent vehicle fires from occurring. Our many years of experience is your guarantee for a smooth and effective process and excellent results. Backed by a 24/7 service.


You can rely on Dafo Deutschland. From analyzing your needs to advising on the right suppression system, to turn-key installation. All from a one-stop-shop!

We prevent unnecessary lead times. Delivery promises are consistently met.
Our customers, like Scania, have valued us for years and have given us excellent references.
Our service received the best rating from the Swedish Dafo Holding.

[Image from Award “Best total risk service management provider]

Dafo Deutschland hat den Award für zuverlässige Abwicklung erhalten.